How To Use

  • Remove all visible hair in the area you wish to treat with your preferred hair removal method. If desired, the Braun Silk-expert Pro includes a Venus razor for easy surface hair removal. Ensure there is no hair remaining above the surface of the skin. Then pat your skin dry. 
  • Select the standard head or the precision head depending on the size of the area you wish to treat. Plug in the SKIIME Ice Cooling IPL handset, long press the power button on. 
  • It's necessary to wear goggles during use to protect the eyes. 
  • Compared with the skin color card in the manual, press the gear key to start the intensity gear 1. If the skin color is darker, the gear is lower, First gear is recommended. 
  • Install the subsidiary illumination head in accordance with requirements.

NOTE: for the sake of better effect of cosmetic skin care, the large area of hair on thighs and arms is suggested to use directly without installing the subsidiary illumination head. The tiny area, where the big illumination head  is not applicable, can be installed with the subsidiary light head, lest light leakage. 

  • Put the handset on the area requiring hair removal vertically to make the illumination head close to the skin completely. Press the glitter key to flash, and move the illumination head to the next area to illuminate in turn. 
  • Aiming the thighs and other large areas requiring hair removal, cling to the skin and long press the litter key. Meanwhile, move and shift the position to continue to flash and it removes hair automatically. 
  • After the illumination operation throughout the area, repeat the operation 1 to 2 times, so as to guarantee the best effect of cosmetic skin care. 
  • It is important to wipe the nozzle clean after every use. 

In the first phase of your treatment, treat once a week for 4 - 12 weeks. Then adjust to your needs (i.e. every 1-2 months).

Hair and Skins Colors IPL can be used on 

We don't recommend using  IPL over tattoos. The light energy will be more attracted to the pigments in the skin, rather than the melanin in the hair which can cause a reaction in the skin and blistering. You should always go around your tattoos.

Our Handset works on both black, brown and dark blond hair. Light blond hair has a small amount of eumelanin and pheomelanin, and therefore it won't absorb IPL and laser energy. Grey and white hair don't have any of the melanin types and so won't absorb the light energy.

Charts for reference 

Safety Tips: 

IPL is not suitable if you have the following condition

- Skin Disorder , Skin disease such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, e.t.c, photosensitization , if experiencing menstruation, pregnant or lactation, sunburn, black skin , fuscescent nevus, broken skin, scab or healed wound, cancer or hemangioma , on eyes and artificial aesthetic, prosthetic or plastic area.