About Us

We’re anything but ordinary. Offering industry-leading hair-removal tools with a user-friendly twist, we are on a mission to tap ‘reset’ on current solutions. At our core, we believe that at-home tools can rival next-generation salon treatments, driving confidence levels, plummeting costs, and building a like-minded community of beauty enthusiasts.

At SKIIME, your safety lies at the heart of everything we do. Calling upon cutting-edge technologies to combat burns, alleviate age spots, and offer a painless alternative to traditional treatments, each device goes through meticulous development processes before landing on our shelves. To us, our role is about so much more than pain-free hair removal. Having fostered a company culture of innovation, we are continually striving to cultivate faster, smarter, more effective tools, revolutionizing the beauty industry as we know it.

To transform lives, we knew we had to build a team of creative minds and off-the-wall thinkers. With a hand-vetted selection of specialists, from aestheticians and consultants to accomplished product development experts, we have the expertise to bring new realms of innovation to your door. If our tools don’t push boundaries, nurture complexions, and surpass expectations, they don’t get the SKIIME stamp of approval. Simple.