IPL Hair Removal Handset | SKIIME
IPL Hair Removal Handset | SKIIME
IPL Hair Removal Handset | SKIIME
IPL Hair Removal Handset | SKIIME
IPL Hair Removal Handset | SKIIME

IPL Hair Removal Handset | SKIIME

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SKIIME IPL Hair Removal Handset

SKIIME Ipl Hair Removal Handset is the world leader in hair removal, offering safe, effective and affordable hair removal solutions for both men and women.

This short-lived light helps prevent hair growth by emitting light directly to hair follicles. SKIIME IPL Hair Removal has two unique light beam modes: single or continuous flash. You can press the button to automatically activate the continuous flash. The single flash mode is suitable for armpits, private parts, cheeks or upper lip, and the continuous flashing shape is suitable for arms, legs, abdomen or chest. It is easy to access all parts of the body.

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    IPL (intense pulsed light) technology that uses light energy to remove hair. It is considered to be one of the most effective methods of hair removal.

    Skiime IPL is using modern intense pulsed light technology, this treatment removes hair and reduces hair regrowth gradually after each treatment. Three treatments are needed for full results, and 12 treatments are needed for full results.

    You can use it without any worries! In terms of safe and effective long-term hair removal, IPL is highly popular and extensively studied.

    Nope! One of the biggest advantages of your IPL handset over other types of hair removal is that it is basically painless. You also have 5 intensity levels to choose from, so you can choose whichever intensity level is most comfortable for you.

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    You can use SKIIME IPL HANDSET to remove hair on any body part including your legs, underarms, Brazilian, bikini line and face. The five graded light settings mean that you can always make sure that your skin is getting the gentle treatment it needs. Enjoy noticeable results at the fraction of the cost of laser treatment in clinics. The good news is that... there are no hidden costs and no refills required, Ever!


    No more ingrown hairs, no nicks or irritations, just salon-worthy smoothness. SKIIME eliminates ingrown hairs at the root.

    SAVE Money and Time

    Never make an appointment to have your hair removed again. The IPL does not need to be replaced or refilled. Durability up to 10+ years of treatments.


    One of the biggest benefits of IPL hair removal over other hair removal methods is that it is painless. This feeling can be described as a feeling of warmth on the skin.

    Feature Proof

    Laser hair removal for permanent hair loss - no recurrence with weakIPL lasers in all parts of the body. Convenient at-home, at work treatment - Quick, painless and safe. 5 levels to adjust by yourself, there is always one for youIdeal for full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest. It is safe and effective for women and men. The mini size is easy to carry with you, anytime, anywhere. SKIIME  IPL Hair Removal Handset is a great tool for anyone looking to remove unwanted hair. It is easy to use and has a variety of settings for different types of hair. Overall, the IPL Hair Removal Handset is a great choice for anyone looking to get rid of unwanted hair.

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