Frequently Asked Questions


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and has gained widespread popularity for the many benefits it affords the user. This modern technology aims to remove unwanted hair and believe it or not, even treats wrinkles.IPL is one such cutting-edge therapy that aims to treat wrinkles. As a non-invasive technique, it can successfully minimize wrinkles while replenishing the beauty of you skin. Multiple uses of IPL also increase collagen production in the skin, leaving you glowing from the inside out! Due to IPL's diverse range of uses and proven results, IPL is a must for anyone wanting to look and feel their best. 

Absolutely! There have been a number of extensive studies around the world which prove the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. As a result, it has become an extremely popular safe and effective method of hair removal. That said, we advise to check with your doctor first if you are taking medication that may make your skin sensitive to light.

One of the many advantages of our Handset over other types of laser treatments is that it is PAIN-FREE. Most customers explain the feeling as a warm sensation on the skin.

Our Handset offers extremely long lasting results however no form of laser or IPL hair removal is permanent, even at the clinics. Just be careful when companies claim “permanent” hair removal, as this term technically means that there will be no regrowth of hair for 6 months. To maintain long-term results we advise using our Handset once a week for 8 weeks, then just once every few months for maintenance.

No, eye protection is not required while using our Handset. Our Handsets have been designed with a sensor and will not pulse a light unless the entire window is pressed against your skin. That being said, you should never try and look directly into the light as it flashes. However our IPL does come with glasses so for extra precaution we recommend to use the included glasses.

Most users start to see a reduction of hair in just 3-4 treatments using our handset, with complete results after 9 treatments. However, results can vary from person to person.

We recommend using your Handset once a week for the first 8 weeks. After this period we recommend using your handset once a month, for 2 months or until satisfied. If you would like to maintain hairless, smooth skin, we recommend using your handset once every 2 to 3 months, or as needed.

Our handsets have a use-life of 999,999 flashes, which will last well over 10 years if used as directed.

You can use your handset on your whole body, including  Brazilian and your face (just be sure to not get too close to your eyes).

Between your treatments you should only shave when required. We recommend never waxing, plucking, or epilating as these hair removal methods remove the entire root, which is critical if you wish our Handset technology to work.